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FS 2048 - Stack Up Coins to 2048

1. What is FS 2048?

FlipSimu(FS) 2048 is a 2048 game based on coins.

Each value is represented by a coin. To get additional money, the player must stack the identical coins. Please see Section 2 for instructions on how to play the game.

We expect that by employing a customized 2048 game, people's brains would be able to relax. For another use case, we hope that by playing the 2048 game online, it can teach children about money.

Try getting a 2048 coin at the end if you want a challenging goal.

If you just want for relaxing, try collecting the same coins as many as possible.

We want to make this tool great for fun and learning purposes.

Besides, we also have other popular fun tools developed, if you need a coin flipper, check out our FS Coin. Or the FS Dice for our dice roller. And the Tarot card reading for Yes or No by our FS Tarot.

2. How to Play 2048 Game?

1. Use your arrow keys, or W, S, A, D or swipe Up, Down, Left, Right to move the coins. Share FS 2048 Coin

2. Stack up the coins with the same value and they will be merged into one.

3. You will win the game when you can merge the coins until getting the 2048 coin.

4. All the coins collected (also in the past) will be displayed. Coin Collected

5. The 2048 game come with a little colors customization. You can change it at the settings section. Settings

3. How to Win the Game?

Winning the 2048 game is not an easy task and also require a lot of patience and testing. Here are a few helpful hints for you.

  1. Play it slow.
  2. Place the highest coin at the corner and do not move it.

There is a good tutorial online teaching how to win it.

4. We Need Your Feedback?

We want our FS 2048 Coin to be enjoyable to play while also being educational.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve the 2048 game's design, features, or anything else, please let us know. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback at here.

5. Share the App?

If you like our 2048 game and want to share it with your friends and family, you can easily do so by clicking the share button (beside the logo).

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6. History

Our team does not invent the 2048 concept, you may learn more about it on 2048 Wiki.

Let's Play 2048 Game with FS 2048!