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Get Instant Yes or No Tarot Card Reading - FS Tarot

Do you need a quick answer to your question? This Yes or No Tarot reading will give you free, straightforward yes or no advice. Simply flip over a Tarot card to get a reading that answers your question.

1. What is FS Tarot Yes No?

FlipSimu(FS) Tarot is an instant Yes or No Tarot cards simulator. You can ask the Tarot cards for advice when you have a question.

Each Tarot Card has a Yes or No response. Along with a yes or no answer, the tarot card you flip will advise you about what actions you can consider taking in response to your question.

Additionally, it offers you an alternative viewpoint on your circumstance, which may help you to find the solution.

Tarot card readings can indicate many different things, and occasionally they won't be able to provide a solution to your inquiry without a more complex tarot spread. In this situation, the FS Tarot will offer a "Maybe" response.

2. How the Reading Works?

Yes or No Tarot Cards

Tarot decks are made up of 78 cards in total. They have 66 cards, mixed in the Yes or No type, and 12 cards of the Maybe type.

The step-by-step process of how to use Yes or No Tarot cards simulator for your question is described below.

1. Think a question in your mind or write down on the question field.

Question Field

2. Swipe with your finger or mouse or using the left and right arrows to move the cards around. 3. Pick a Tarot card or click "Pick Randomly" button.

Pick Randomly Button

4. The name, yes or no answer together with the reading of the selected Tarot card will be displayed.

FS Tarot Cards Reading

5. Think for the given advice and see how it may help for your question.

The FS Tarot simulator allows for some color modification. It is changeable in the settings section.

Color Setting

The displayed solution does not imply that you must do so. They're still an excellent reference if you are seeking on clarification on a certain topic.

Remember that you should think wisely when making any decision no matter what answer the card gives.

3. How to Get the Best Response from Yes or No Tarot Reading

It is advised to sit in a calm environment and get in the right frame of mind before performing any tarot readings.

Sit in calm environment

You can also write down your question on the question field and be specific with the question you want to ask.

You can proceed to shuffle the Tarot cards (Click the shuffle button) while concentrating on the question.

Shuffle Button

4. When Can We Use the Yes No Tarot?

The Yes No Tarot may be useful in the following situations, in our opinion:

  1. When making a simple decision. E.g. Should I watch a movie tonight?
  2. When you are facing a difficulty and would want to seek help guidance from others.
  3. This tarot reading is beneficial in relieving your tension if there are any unanswered question keeping you up at night.
  4. You can also use a yes or no tarot reading for the future prediction.

Keep in mind that Yes or No readings are designed to provide rapid responses on short, focused question. If you want a more detailed guidance, or if you receive a lot of "Maybe" replies from your recent tarot inquiries, you probably can engage with a more sophisticated tarot spread.

4. Other Yes or No Alternative?

You may also seek for the FS Coin Flipper, which will produce a heads or tails outcome. Similarly, it seeks to assist you in making basic decision.

We also develop FS Dice Roller, a specially designed dice that can assist you in choosing between several options.

5. We Need Your Feedback?

We want our Yes No Tarot to be useful to those who need it.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the FS Tarot in terms of features, design, or anything else. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback here.

6. Share this Free Tarot Yes or No App?

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You have the option of sharing the URL directly, via Facebook, or via Twitter.

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