Welcome to FlipSimu!

FlipSimu is an abbreviation for "flip simulator." We transform or create every good tool or game that we play with our hands in real life into digital version.

The domain name flipsimu.com is registered in 2020.

FlipSimu currently has decision making tools such as coin flipper, dice roller, yes or no Tarot readings, and number card flipper.

What motivates us to create decision-making tools? This is because we occasionally require a fair decision or a judgement based on fate, which is why we created this application. Flipping a coin and rolling a die are simple and uncomplicated tools that almost everyone is familiar with. It can be used for decision-making, gaming, and educational purposes by users.

Because FlipSimu is still in its early stages, if you have any suggestions for how to improve the app, please do not hesitate to share them at here.

We will continue to make FlipSimu greater. We wish it will become one of the beneficial tool in our lives.

Wish you enjoy using FlipSimu.