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1. What is Intuition Flip Simu?

FlipSimu(FS) offers an intuition test game to see how well you can trust your gut feelings. During this intuition test game, you are allowed to repeat 10 times to pick a selection which is either “HEADS” or “TAILS” then toss a coin to determine your current level of intuition.

The objective of this intuition test can be played as a game to assess the level of sensitivity of gut feeling for yourself. The lower the scores on the intuition test, the lower the sensitivity of gut feeling and vice versa. Therefore, the Intuition Flip Simu game is one of the most incredible ways to gauge your level of intuition.

2. How to Test Your Intuition?

Intuition Flip Simu game consists of a total of 10 trials. Before flipping a coin, you have to predict the result of each flip which is either “HEADS” or “TAILS”. The more accurate your guesses are, the higher your intuition score will be. Therefore, before beginning a new flip, you must decide what will be the outcome. You can test your intuition in the ways that are listed here.

  1. Firstly, you would notice a selection bar which shows on two separate sides with the words “HEADS” and “TAILS”.

Initial State Initial State

  1. You need to pick one from the selection bar which is either “HEADS” or “TAILS” and click on it.

Selected State Selected State - The picture shows “HEADS” is chosen

  1. You can long-press and release the flip button to simulate the flipping energy. The probability of heads or tails is also 50:50 as if you toss a coin hard or softly in the real world.

Flip Button

  1. There are two minor sections under the selection bar. The bottom-left section is a section to display the correct guessed quantity among 10 trials. Additionally, the bottom-right section is the section displaying the number of trials that have been done.

Correct Guesses E.g. “2” represents you guess 2 correct of flip

Number of Trials E.g. Among 10 trials, you have done 8 guesses

  1. After you have done the 10 trials, the final result will be popped out.

Intuition Score

  1. You can also change your coin colors, background color and toggle sound at the customization section.


As a signed-in user, you can create up to three custom color sets by selecting your own colors. It's free! Just click the menu button at the top of the page to sign up or log in.

3. When to Carry an Intuition Test?

These are examples of scenarios that you probably can use in the Intuition Flip Simu game.

  • To check the accuracy of your intuition today.
  • Prove that you have good intuition.
  • Compete the intuition score with family and peers.

4. Other Application

In addition to the intuition test game, FS also offers Luck Flip Simu to gauge your luck. You can use Coin Flip Simu, Dice Roll Simu, and Tarot Flip Simu to make judgements, conduct particular tests, and for educational purposes.

5. Sensing vs Intuition Test

What is sensing? What is intuition? Is there a difference between sensing and intuition? The answer is definitely yes. Intuition and senses are two opposing traits. People used to make their decisions by sensing facts, evidence, and other things that may back them up as being right. Contrarily, intuition refers to the practice of people making decisions based on their perceptions, feelings, and thoughts. So, in order to find out if you have a good intuition or not, would you like to put it to the test right now?

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7. Let’s Test Your Intuition Now with Intuition Flip Simu Game!