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FS D12 Dice Explained - Roll D12 Online

You must have heard about virtual dice rollers. FS D12 Dice is designed to mimic the function of dice.

Roll D12 Dice

There are different types of dice, depending on the number of sides and faces they have. For example, a D6 has six sides. Similarly, D12 Dice have twelve sides.

Speaking of 12-sided dice, they have numbers from 1 to 12. You can also change the number value for each surfaces. This depends on the game it is used for.

For example, a D12 die with 1-12 numbers is used for role-playing games, while the other ones can be used in Golo golf games.

How Virtual D12 Dice Roller Works?

You can click the dice or press the "ROLL IT" button to trigger the rolling.

Roll Button for D12

When you roll a D12, it will spin for a few seconds and land on a particular side. Like using a real die (die is singular form of dice), you have no control over what side it lands on. It will give you a random number between 1 and 12.

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the content of each surfaces in the settings section.

D12 Dice Settings

You can also modify the colors of the dice as well as controlling the sound of the rolling.

The good thing is you can access an online D12 roller from both your mobile phone and PC.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Dice Roller

People use online dice rollers for the benefits associated with them.

  • If you roll our virtual D12 dice roller, it will give you an unbiased outcome.
  • You can use this tool when you don’t have a real dice to play with.
  • With a virtual dice roller tool, you can roll dice from anywhere, anyplace.
  • These tools are compatible with all major operating platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This means you can access it from both PC and mobile devices.

For your information, the 12-sided dice is known as a Dodecahedron, and each side is a regular pentagon. These dice are also used to determine months or hours.

Let's Roll D12 Now!