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FS D20 Dice Explained - Roll D20 Online

FS D20 Dice is a virtual D20 dice that you can roll online for your activity. It is one of the variants of FS Dice

Roll D20 Dice

A D20 die (die is singular form of dice) is a 20-sided dice that is made popular by the game Dungeons and Dragons (DND). It is widely used for role-playing and tabletop games of all kinds as well as many board games.

If you roll D20 dice, you will get a random number between 1 and 20. A D20 die is also known as icosahedra. It is the most popular DND dice in the set.

D20 dice are not new. They have existed since ancient times. There is evidence that proves, it was used by Egyptians in the 2nd century BC, which is 2000 years ago.

How Does D20 Dice Work?

A D20 die has 20 sides and each side is an equilateral triangle. The unique thing about the D20 dice is that all the surfaces are combined. This allows the dice to roll extremely well.

When you roll a D20 die, there’s a 5% chance it will land on a particular side. This helps you to calculate the odds of success.

The online D20 dice rollers are easy to use. Just touch the dice or press the "ROLL IT" button and it will start rolling and land on a random number. The number is generated randomly. There’s no way to predict or control the outcome.

Roll Button for D20

By default, each surfaces of the D20 dice are showing number from 1 to 20. You can change the default value with other texts you want by changing at the settings section.

D20 Dice Settings

You can also change the dice quantity, dice color as well as the mute/unmute the rolling sound.

What Are the Features of a D20 Dice?

The main features of the D20 dice include the following:

  • It has 20 sides and each side is an equilateral triangle.
  • It generates a random number between 1 and 20.
  • Due to its shape, it rolls well.
  • D20 dice are mainly used for RPG, tabletop games and board games.
  • You can change the content of each surfaces.
  • Various colors.
  • Mute/Unmute rolling sound.

The good thing about an online dice roller is that it can be used on both PC and mobile devices.

Let's Roll D20 Now!