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Online D8 Dice Roller - FS D8 Dice

FS Dice come in various shapes and sizes. One of the commonly used shapes is the FS D8 dice.

Roll D8 Dice

D8 dice is an 8-sided dice, which is also known as the Octahedron. It is widely used in games RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons.

The speciality of 8 sides dice is that it features two square pyramids connected at the base while each face of the dice is triangular.

When you roll D8 dice, it gives you a number between 1 and 8. If you don’t have a physical dice, you can use our virtual dice roller to play the game.

A D8 roller can be used for a variety of role-playing games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons.

How to Use a Virtual D8 Dice Roller?

A virtual dice roller is an online tool that mimics a real die (die is singular form of dice). For example, if you roll a D8 die online, it will generate a random number between 1 and 8. It gives you an unbiased outcome. In other words, you have no control over the number you will get.

Now the question is how to use the virtual D8 dice roller? Using the FS D8 Dice roller tool is very simple. Just enter our https://flipsimu.com/dice-roller/ site and select the type of dice you want. In this case, you will pick the D8 dice.

The next thing you do is touch or click the dice or press the "ROLL IT" button and it will start rolling for a few seconds. After that, it will give you a random number between 1 and 8.

Roll Button for D8

The advantage of using our online dice roller is that it can be used anytime, anywhere. You can even access it from your mobile phone.

You can also customize the content of each surfaces, number of dice, the colors of the dice as well as the sound in the settings section.

D8 Dice Settings

With the virtual D8 dice roller, you don’t need to pause your game even if you don’t have real dice.

Let's Roll D8 Dice Now!